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The special page for CHAPTER X !

Note: I know both members of this band for several years now and it was amazing to listen to their music. Anyhow I have to mention that the pictures and the audio-files are copyrighted by those two people. They simply gave me the permission to place their material on this page.

And now we proceed to the good part of the story. This is the CD cover:

The members of the band
Where to get infos, CDs, contact etc.
CHAPTER X thanks...
The songlist of the album
(of course you cannot download all of them here)

Now we made it: the music. I like all 11 songs but I had to decide for excatly one song and the choice was the fast version of "Stand".

For all you freaks out there who needs to know the details:

The MP3 file is a variable coded file with 128 kbit/s. lame squeezed it down to 109 kbit/s and it's almost comparable with a 192 kbit static version.

This is the link to the song: CHAPTER X: Stand (Fast Version) (3831044 Bytes !)

!!! WATCH OUT !!! !!! NEW !!!
The music video of the CHAPTER X hit "First Dance" !


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Because I'm only using Linux and other Unix flavours the whole stuff on this page has been produced with linux tools, e.g.: Emacs, Gimp, xv, pbmtools, sane, xsane, lame & cdparanoia etc.

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