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From: Der Deutsche Duden, late 22nd century:

Mermgfurt (old lower saxon), form of greeting, originally snidely used farewell (german: "Memme, gehe über die Furt!", which means something like "Candy-Ass, walk over the ford!"). Later it went a more friendly way and in the 21st century it has been reused from lower saxonies freedom fighters, and was also in use in the area around Berlin. Today it's a commonly used form of saying goodbye.

An old document proves this story which has originally been encrypted. The author Joe (we know a lot more of his name, let's call him Joachim M.) wrote a date onto the encrypted message, which is not a big problem because the date hasn't been important for the encryption. But the word Mermgfurt (on the piece of paper in completely lower letters, although it's a german main word and in german you have to spell such a word with a capital letter at the beginning) hasn't been encrypted. This leaded to a crushing defeat for the lower saxony freedom fighters because the whole encryption had been broken. A real sad and bad mistake.

Today it's only an old artefact which proves the lower saxony fight for freedom (this fight has often been denied by the winners, at least they are writing the history books). Too bad that the document has been spoiled by an unknown barbarian with the writing "Für Udo". Nevertheless, this doesn't affect its historical relevance!

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