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At this time there's only a small program and a patch on this page. The program has been developed with the Linux Operating System but it should be easy to adjust it for running on other Unix-Systems. I'd say that it even could be adjusted to run on totally different systems (like Windows etc.) too.

The program on this page implements the simplest encryption ever possible. Nevertheless it's one of the hardest encryptions to break. It's immune against mathematical analysys if your key is long enough and statistical perfect (has enough random elements). And that is the point for the program crypt-XOR. The user has a free choice of keylength and this makes it possible to have a key the same size as the message. It's only breakable by using brute-force methods, if the key is long and good enough.

BTW, a good key could be recorded noise from your TV-card. If you want to be sure, just pipe it through gzip/bzip/whatever and it gets more random aspects. It's possible to burn this key on a CD and share this CD with specific friends (the offset-parameter of the software makes this possible to use the key very often, just use another portion of the key everytime). There's just one disadvantage: You cannot use techniques like SSL with it. Anyway, this is a safe communication method.


Last version: crypt-XOR-2.1.c (2002-05-31)

There has been a name-change due to an existing freshmeat project XOR-Crypt. Afterwards one could say, that the name-change wouldn't have been necessary because the admins of freshmeat rejected the project for being way too simple (the safest encryption of the world is the simplest, that's not my fault :)). However, maybe it's getting more and more complex so they will accept it in the future which means: I will keep this name for ongoing updates for avoiding name confusions with this other project.
Debian Package: crypt-xor_2.1-2_i386.deb (2006-02-28)

I had this package only on the Sourceforge page the last years, but I thought, it might be good to also have it here. :)
I changed the package because the 2 GB filesize limit has been annoying. This is now gone. The gcc options -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 has been very helpful for having largefile safe stdio. You can also download it as Tar-File, if you don't have a debian system.
Older versions: XOR-crypt-2.0.c (2002-05-29)
  XOR-crypt-1.6.c (2001-02-01)

The program is small, easy to handle and safe. I cannot guarantee anything nevertheless, because I'm no crypto expert. Use it at your own risk! The software crypt-XOR is my creation and is build under the GNU GPL-License (also accessible here). Therefore: Do what you like to do with it as long as the source-code will be supplied with it!

The dvgrab-Patch has been developed because I have a device that is unable to cope with timecodes from dvgrab. Dvgrab is a DV-recording and -editing tool for digital video. This patch only works for version 1.1b2! I think the problem should be gone in newer versions but because I don't use it anymore I can't say it exactly. I just have this patch here for historical reasons.

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